Certyfikat Złoty Płatnik 2014
Euler Hermes

"Golden Payer" Plebiscite Terms and Conditions

valid from March 23, 2015

§ 1.

Denominations used in these Terms and Conditions have the following meaning:

  1. "Golden Payer"Plebiscite - campaign promoting companies which demonstrate a high payment morality, integrity, and a timely manner of settling liabilities with their partners;
  2. EHC - Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o.o. located in Warsaw at 50B Domaniewska Street, 02-672 Warsaw, recorded in Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (Rejestr Przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego) maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw (Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy w Warszawie), Economic Department XIII (XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego), Company Registration Number (KRS): 0000044623, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 527-21-77-123, share capital: PLN 18 941 000,00;
  3. Participant – company as specified in § 2. of these Terms and Conditions
  4. "Golden Payer" – Certificate – a certificate issued by EHC to participants confirming their integrity and high payment morality in a given Plebiscite participation year;
  5. "Golden Payer" Banner - a banner providing information about participation in the “Golden Payer” Plebiscite, to be placed on a web page;
  6. Terms and Conditions - terms and conditions of the "Golden Payer" Plebiscite;
  7. Payment Analysis Program – a program, which enables checking whether companies settle their payments in a timely manner;
  8. Agreement – an agreement between the Participant and EHC about participation in the "Golden Payer" Plebiscite in a given year, with terms and conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions;
  9. PMI – Payment Morality Index, a dynamic index assigned by EHC, reflecting a business partner’s integrity in settling Payments in a timely manner;
  10. Company Rating – an up-to-date assessment of a company’s financial and organizational credibility, according to the rating table;
  11. Act – the April 9, 2010 act regulating the disclosure and exchange of economic data (Dz. U. Nr 81, poz. 530 z późn. zm.);
  12. Jury – a board assigned by EHC, which ensures the execution of a flawless Plebiscite and designates companies that conform with the requirements of the "Golden Payer" Plebiscite;

§ 2.

  1. Terms and Conditions lay down the rules for participation in the "Golden Payer" Plebiscite organized by EHC.
  2. The goal of the "Golden Payer Plebiscite" is:
    1. 1) promoting payment morality, ethics, and integrity in business operations;
    2. 2) support and promotion of a positive image of the Participants.

§ 3.

  1. A company may become a Participant if it receives a favourable Jury ruling and conforms in a given year with the following requirements:
    1. 1) it has, in a given year, entered into a participation agreement with EHC;;
    2. 2) it has a PMI within limits described in the Agreement;
    3. 3) it has a rating level described in the Agreement;
    4. 4) No unfavourable information about the company exists in Euler Hermes’ databases concerning debt recovery incidents, i.e. information received, in accordance with the Act, by EHC from debtors about the company’s liabilities;
    5. 5) it has granted EHC permission to publish within the "Golden Payer" Plebiscite the following data about itself:
      1. a) name,
      2. b) adress ,
      3. c) tax identification number,
      4. d) REGON number,
      5. e) commercial registration number,
      6. f) contact information, especially email.
  2. The above information will be published on the webpage www.zlotyplatnik.pl as part of a list of EHC recommended companies for a given Plebiscite participation year.
  3. The Participant is responsible for updating the above information throughout participation in the Plebiscite.
  4. The Participant bears sole responsibility for the accuracy of the information described above and releases EHC from any liability in this regard towards itself and third parties.

§ 4.

  1. The Participant acknowledges and accepts that EHC is the Participant’s personal data administrator in accordance with art. 7 p. 4 of the August 29, 1997 Act about Personal Data Protection (Dz. U. 1997 Nr 133 poz.883).
  2. By submitting the information described in § 4.1.5. the Participant allows EHC to process the information for marketing and informational purposes and agrees to receive updates, messages, and commercial information about products and services from EHC and other parties (only with EHC’s consent). The Participant agrees to receive this information via electronic mail at the Participant’s email address, also in the form of attachments.
  3. The Participant acknowledges and accepts that part of the technical processes involved in managing the “Golden Payer” Plebiscite shall be handled by third parties.

§ 5.

All copyright associated with this program vests in EHC.

§ 6.

  1. EHC reserves the right to exclude a Participant from the Plebiscite if the Participant is removed from the commercial registry, or when the requirements set forth in these Terms and Conditions or in the Agreement are not met.
  2. In case of removal from the Plebiscite, the Participant looses the right to use the "Golden Payer" Certificate, the ”Golden Payer” Banner and other design elements that may be associated, even indirectly, with participation in the Plebiscite.

§ 7.

  1. EHC makes the "Golden Payer" Certificate and the "Golden Payer" Banner available to all Participants.
  2. A Participant’s right to use the "Golden Payer" Banner is limited to the year of participation in the Plebiscite.
  3. The Participant will be promoted amongst clients of the Receivables Analysis Programme with the "Golden Payer" Banner.
  4. A"Golden Payer" will be featured in EHC trade reports concerning the Participant.
  5. A „Golden Payer” Certificate only reflects an individual evaluation of a company and it is not an EHC recommendation to do business with that company.

§ 8.

All claims concerning participation or operation of the Plebiscite should be submitted in electronic form to EHC at the following e-mail address: zlotyplatnik@eulerhermes.com.

§ 9.

  1. The Duration of the Plebiscite is unlimited.
  2. A Participant may cancel participation in the Plebiscite by submitting a one-month notice.
  3. EHC may cancel a company’s participation in the Plebiscite with one month’s notice.
  4. If excluded from the Plebiscite in accordance with § 6.1., a Participant may apply for participation no sooner than six months from the time of exclusion, if the requirements set forth in § 3. are met.

§ 10.

  1. Terms and Conditions can be found at www.zlotyplatnik.pl.
  2. EHC reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions.
  3. In case of a change in the Terms and Condition, EHC will inform the Participant about the change and post the updated Terms and Conditions at www.zlotyplatnik.pl .
  4. A Participant may cancel participation in the Plebiscite within 14 days of receiving notice about a change in the Terms and Conditions, effective immediately. No reaction on the part of the Participant will constitute acceptance of the changes to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. A Participant may not, without prior written consent from EHC, transfer the rights and obligations arising from the participation in the Plebiscite to a third party.
  6. Issues not covered in these Terms and Conditions are subject to Polish law.
  7. Any disputes will be settled by the common court in whose jurisdiction the location of the EHC headquarters falls.