Valid as of 24 April 2018


The terms used in these Rules and Regulations shall have the following meaning:

  1. „Golden Payer 2017” Poll – campaign promoting economic entities which in 2017 demonstrated exceptional payment morality, reliability and ability to repay their cash liabilities to contractors in a timely manner.
  2. EHC – Euler Hermes Collections Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 98, 00-807 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS) under KRS number 0000044623, NIP (Taxpayer ID No): 527-21-77-123, share capital: PLN 18 946 000.00.
  3. Poll Participant – economic entity referred to in §3 of these Rules and Regulations.
  4. „Golden Payer” Certificate – certificate issued by EHC to participants of the Poll confirming their reliability and high payment morality in the given year of participation in the Poll.
  5. „Golden Payer” Banner – banner informing about participation in the “Golden Payer 2017” Poll to be published on a website.
  6. Rules and Regulations – Rules and Regulations of the „Golden Payer 2017” Poll.
  7. Receivables Analysis Programme – Programme designed to verify whether economic entities repay their liabilities in a timely manner.
  8. Agreement – agreement concluded by a Participant of the Poll with EHC concerning participation in the “Golden Payer 2017” Poll on conditions specified in the Rules and Regulations.
  9. PMI – (Payment Morality Index) a dynamic index issued by EHC to verify the contractor’s reliability in respect of timely repayment of liabilities.
  10. Company Rating – current assessment of reliability of an economic entity in terms of financial and organizational standing, issued by EHC according to the rating table.
  1. Act – act of 9 April 2010 on Disclosure of Business Information and Exchange of Business Data (Dz.U. – Journal of Laws – No. 81, item 530, as amended).
  2. Contest Committee – committee appointed by EHC to ensure proper conduct of the “Golden Payer” Poll and select the economic entities which meet the conditions of the “Golden Payer 2017” Poll.


  1. These Rules and Regulations outline the principles of participation in the “Golden Payer 2017” Poll organized by EHC.
  2. The aim of the „Golden Payer 2017” Poll is to:
    1. promote payment morality, ethics and reliability in business trading;
    2. support and promote a positive image of the Poll Participants.


  1. A Poll Participant may be any economic entity which is approved by the Contest Committee and in a particular year of participation fulfils the following conditions:
    1. concluded an agreement on participation in the “Golden Payer 2017” Poll with EHC;
    2. has the PMI within the range set forth in the Agreement;
    3. has the rating within the limits set forth in the Agreement;
    4. no negative information about the economic entity is recorded in databases of the Euler Hermes Group concerning debt-collection incidents, i.e. concerning the entity’s liabilities assigned to EHC by the entity’s creditors on conditions set forth in the Act.
  2. EHC shall confirm the participation in the Poll based on data provided by the Poll Participant and shall not be liable for data reliability. EHC shall, however, reserve the right to verify such data. Additionally, the fact of participation in the Poll by an entity shall be analysed taking into account rapidly changing situation on the market. The fact of participation in the Poll by an entity must be interpreted by third parties on their own responsibility and at their own risk. EHC shall not bear liability for consequences of any decisions taken based on the participation of a company in the Poll, and in particular for loss of profits or consequential damages arising from the establishment of trade cooperation with such an entity.


  1. The Poll Participant acknowledges and accepts that EHC – Euler Hermes Collections sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at Al. Jerozolimskie 98 is the controller of its personal data pursuant to the information provided in the Agreement during the collection of such data.
  2. The Poll Participant acknowledges and agrees that part of technical activities related to the management of the Poll may be assigned to third parties.


EHC holds copyright on this Poll and the related works. The Poll Participant shall not acquire any copyright, whether on the “Golden Payer” Banner or on “Golden Payer” Certificate or on the logotype referred to in §3 of the Agreement. In particular, the Poll Participant shall not be authorized to introduce any changes (in the content or graphics) to the works described above, received thereby in relation to the participation in the Poll. The Poll Participant may use the materials received from EHC only for its own promotional and advertising purposes.


  1. EHC reserves the right to exclude from the Poll any Poll Participant who has been deleted from the relevant register of entrepreneurs or fails to satisfy the requirements specified in these Rules and Regulations and in the Agreement.
  2. Should a Poll Participant be excluded from the Poll, such Participant shall lose its right to use the „Golden Payer” Certificate, the „Golden Payer” Banner and other graphic elements which may be associated, whether directly or indirectly, with participation in the Poll.


  1. EHC shall make the „Golden Payer” Certificate and the „Golden Payer” Banner available to all Poll Participants.
  2. The Poll Participant shall be promoted among the customers of the Receivables Analysis Programme through an identifier with the „Golden Payer” Banner.
  3. The identifier with the „Golden Payer” Banner shall be included in the Commercial Reports regarding the Poll Participant drawn up by EHC.
  4. The award of the „Golden Payer” Certificate shall only serve as an individual assessment of the economic entity and shall not be considered recommendation of EHC concerning cooperation with such entity.


Any complaints related to the participation in or conduct of the Poll should be reported to EHC via e-mail at:


If the Poll Participant is excluded from the Poll by EHC according to §6(1), such Participant may re-apply for participation after the lapse of at least 6 months following the day of exclusion, provided that it satisfies the terms and conditions of participation in the Poll specified in §3.


  1. The Rules and Regulations are available on the website:
  2. EHC reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations.
  3. Should the Rules and Regulations be amended, EHC shall notify the Poll Participant about the introduced amendments and shall publish a consolidated text of the Rules and Regulations on .
  4. The Poll Participant shall be entitled to terminate its participation in the Poll with immediate effect within 14 days following the receipt of information on an amendment to the Rules and Regulations. If the Poll Participant fails to respond within the aforementioned time limits, the amendment to the Rules and Regulations shall be deemed accepted thereby.
  5. The Poll Participant shall not assign its rights and obligations arising from its participation in the Poll to third parties without prior consent of the EHC, under the pain of nullity.
  6. Any matters not regulated by these Rules and Regulations shall be governed by generally applicable provisions of Polish law.
  7. Any disputes shall be settled by a common court competent for the registered office of EHC.